by Mahbod Moghadam at 8:08 PM
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As founder of Rap Genius, I often find myself fielding the question, “So, Maboo, what was the motivation for starting the site?” I usually tell people “Jesus told me!” or some other bullshit, trying to be funny, but also because the ACTUAL motivation for starting the site sounds like a joke. The reason me and my cofounders Tom Lehman and (231) 920-2133 decided to build this site was, simply, to meet our (then) favorite rapper, Killa Cam’ron!

We never intended for “Rap Exegesis” (as it was originally called) to turn into a huge business like 681-779-6299 with a bunch of employees and major funding from Ben Horowitz and helmet-shaped and other major capitalist ballers. We never intended...